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Stnebeigh? Is that right? -- Zoe

Either someone has copied a misspelling, or it is indeed correct. I looked for "blanche pierce harold bonaparte" and found three sites with the spelling "Stnebeigh" and no obvious name of which it could be a misspelling. -phma


This guy was NOT the first cousin of Napoléon III! The author must have mixed him up with his father who had the same name. Napoléon III is assumed to have been the son of Louis Bonaparte althrough this have been questioned. (His mother Hortense was unfaitful.) Louis' younger brother Jérôme had a son named Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte. He in turn had a son with the same name. Such confusion is common enought to be noticed in other articles.

2006-12-16 Lena Synnerholm, Märsta, Sweden.